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We are victorious roleplay! Based on the hit Nickelodeon Tv show, Victorious.
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 wat jade hates

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PostSubject: wat jade hates    Sat Mar 10, 2012 2:24 pm

jade hates jeans with skirts over the top hates people who say subosibly people who say fustrated its frustrated ok jersy boys people who put ketchup on hotdogs when she goes to someones house and their dog jumps onto her and the owner says dont worry hes friendly also hates wen the waiter brings her desert before taking the dirty dishes away hates it wen people comment on her crunching ice hates people who say have a nice day hates solotro hates the way fish smell on a hot summer day hates making her hate vids hares it when shes on a date with a dude and he says can i kiss you dont say that if ur going out on a date with jade hopefully u cant anyway becks too sweet to leave jade and jades too sweet to beck that he cant hates the word tissue hates the word moist hates the number nine it sounds whiney hates wen u open your mouth a little bit and it makes a weird noise hates wen loads of cute kids come toghether a try to save the world in a film hates bras that connect at the front hates it wen u go into a nice resturant and they leave tails on the prawn hates birthday partys its just to celebrate a year closer to dieing hates that santa clause doesnt lose weight she hates that she has been mean to santa clause hates people who blow there nose and then look into the tissiue i bet she just hated saying the word tissiu hates the chubby guy with glasses hates in wen she orders lobster and they make you wear a bib hates the lobster council she hates twins hates alovere that useless gel u buy at drug stores hates guys who bite there lower lip wen they dance hates green soup hates sinus infections hates girls who laugh reallly weird hates wen u fall off a ladder and u land on a small dog hates milk
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PostSubject: Re: wat jade hates    Sat Mar 10, 2012 3:03 pm

I hate all that 2!!!! Twisted Evil
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wat jade hates
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